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This organization shall be known as PT Lacrosse Club, Inc., hereinafter also referred to as "PTLC" or "Club."

PTLC shall be affiliated with the Peters Township School District (the “PTSD”) and will follow the applicable rules, policies and regulations of the PTSD, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (the "PIAA") and the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League ("WPIAL") with respect to sports programs and supportive entities (collectively, the "Interscholastic Rules"), which rules and regulations will supersede and govern any provisions in these bylaws contrary to the Interscholastic Rules, as determined by the PTLC Board of Directors (the "Board").


The purpose of PTLC shall be:

A.           To lend support to and promote interest in the Peters Township High School (“PTHS”) Boys Lacrosse Program.

B.           To unite members in PTLC desiring to advance the development and growth of boys lacrosse at PTHS and in Peters Township.

C.           To provide permitted or required financial assistance to the PTHS boys lacrosse teams (the “PT Boys Lacrosse Teams”).

D.           To raise the awareness of boys lacrosse in the Peters Township community.

E.            To assist the Head Coach in the fielding of competitive PT Boys Lacrosse Teams.


A.           Eligible Persons – Membership in PTLC is open to only the parents and/or legal guardians of a Player. "Player" shall mean any PTHS student who participates on or who intends to participate on a PT Boys Lacrosse Team and meets the requirements of the eligibility rules established by PTHS.

B.           Members. – An eligible person shall become a member of PTLC (a “Member”) by paying the annual membership dues and the participation fees established each year by the Board.


C.           Voting Members – Only Members in Good Standing (“Voting Members”) shall be entitled to vote and hold office in PTLC.

One Family – One Vote. The parents and/or legal guardians of a Player or sibling Players shall constitute a single “Family” and each Family whose Members are all in Good Standing shall have just one vote in any and all votes taken by PTLC. If the parents and/or legal guardians (who must be Members in Good Standing to vote) in a Family vote alike on the matter up for vote, then their votes will count as a total of one vote; however, if they do not vote alike, then their votes will be fractionally apportioned as appropriate. For purposes of determining a quorum a Family shall be counted as one Voting Member, even if there are two or more Players or two or more Members in such Family. If one of the parents and/or legal guardians within a Family is not in Good Standing, then the subject Family shall be not in Good Standing and no Member of such Family will be entitled to vote or to hold office unless the Board determines, in its sole discretion, that another parent and/or legal guardian within such Family (i) is otherwise in Good Standing, and (ii) remains entitled to vote and to hold office, in which case the parent and/or legal guardian found to be in Good Standing will hold all rights to the subject Family’s vote.

D.           Good Standing -- "Good Standing" in PTLC shall be subject to and conditioned on the subject eligible individual (i) being in a Family that has paid all of the required annual dues and participation fees as and when payable, and (ii) adhering to PTLC’s and PTHS’s rules and regulations prescribed in or under the Bylaws, and (iii) not being declared by the Board to be ineligible to participate in Club’s activities based on grounds such as, but without limitation, conduct, language or incident contrary to the Bylaws or to PTLC’s or PTHS’s rules, regulations or code of conduct, if any, posted on the PTHS, PTSD or PTLC website.

E.            Dues and Fees -- Members for themselves and for each of their Players shall be required to pay annual membership dues and participation fees to Club as may be prescribed by the Board. The annual dues and the participation fees and dates for payment will be clearly established and set forth by the Board during each year after its review of the proposed annual budget and player programs. Assessment of annual dues and of participation fees will be consistent for all Members and their Players. However, the Board will consider any request by a Member for reduced assessment in the event of financial hardship. The Board will promptly convene for the purpose of considering said request and making a determination, which determination shall be confidential and final.

F.            Potential Refund -- The Board will consider (but without any obligation to make a refund) making a refund to a Member of all or part of the annual dues or the participation fees paid by such Member if the Member’s Player terminates his participation or has his participation terminated for any reason.


A.           A bank account in the name of PTLC shall be established and maintained with all received monies being deposited therein in a timely fashion. Additionally, all expenditures shall be evidenced by checks drawn upon said established account endorsed by the Treasurer and one other Officer.

B.           PTLC shall adopt a fiscal year that commences on September 1 and ends on the next following August 31 unless otherwise unanimously agreed upon by the Board or by amendment to the Bylaws.

C.           All financial decisions must be driven by and approved by vote of the Membership.  Any expenditures over $500.00 in a month that are not described in the budget approved by the Board and Membership must be presented to Membership for approval at the next monthly meeting.

D.           Expenditures up to $500.00 in a month that are not described in the approved budget must be approved by the President and the Treasurer.

E.            If required by the Board or the Membership, an annual audit or review of PTLC’s funds will be performed by a committee comprised of three to five Members in Good Standing.


A.           Officers of PTLC shall be comprised of a minimum of five (5) but no more than seven (7) Members in Good Standing. These individuals shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one to three individual(s), as determined by the Board from time to time, with title of Director At-Large. These named officers shall comprise and collectively be known as the PT Lacrosse Club Board of Directors.

B.           The term of the officers shall be one (1) year. Officers may stand for re-election.

C.           Nomination and election of Officers is addressed in Article VII below.


A.           The President shall

1.            Preside at all Membership meetings of PTLC and its Board meetings at which the President is present,

2.            Call special Membership meetings as necessary. All Members must be notified in advance of all Membership meetings under Section VIII.C below,

3.            Appoint all chairpersons of any ad-hoc committees established by the Board or the Membership,


4.            Call for organizational meetings of the Membership or the Board as necessary,

5.            Sign, in addition to or in place of the Treasurer, all checks issued by the Club,

6.            Interpret the meaning of the Bylaws, however such interpretations shall be subject to review by the Board and Voting Members,

7.            Perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these Bylaws,

8.            Coordinate the work of the Officers and Committees of PTLC in order that PTLC’s objectives may be facilitated.

B.           The Vice President shall

1.            Preside in the absence of the President at all PTLC Membership meetings and Board meetings.

2.            In the event that the office of the President becomes vacant during the elected term, the Vice President shall accede to the Presidency for the remainder of the term,

3.            Serve as an aide to the President.

C.           The Secretary shall:

1.            Take an accurate written attendance of all individuals present at all PTLC Membership meetings,

2.            Record the minutes of all PTLC Membership meetings and Board meetings in written form,

3.            Be responsible for all communication from the Board or President regarding meetings and general information, including, distribution of correspondence as may be requested by the Board or the President,

4.            Distribute the minutes of the Membership meetings,

5.            Have charge of and preserve all documentation, minutes, correspondence and transcripts or other important effects surrounding PTLC Membership meetings in addition to all Board meetings,

6.            At the conclusion of the Secretary's term in office, originals or copies of all above referenced documents shall be provided to the newly elected Secretary or President.

D.           The Treasurer shall:

1.            Have custody of all funds of PTLC,

2.            Collect and keep a full and accurate account of all monies of PTLC,

3.            Pay out funds only as authorized by the President or Board,

4.            Present to PTLC an annual financial report and proposed season budget at or before the November Membership meeting for approval by the Board and the Members. If no November Membership meeting takes place, the Treasurer will make the annual financial report and budget available at the next scheduled Membership meeting,

5.            Present a brief report or statement of finances that includes expenditures at each PTLC Membership meeting, which report may be verbal unless otherwise directed by the President,

6.            If directed by the Board, coordinate an annual review of PTLC’s books and records that is to be performed by a reviewer, or reviewers, selected by the Board. The results of such review shall be presented to the Board and, if applicable, to the audit/review committee on an annual basis at a meeting determined by the Board.

E.            The Director At-Large shall:

Act as an advisor to the other Board members in designated areas that the Board may deem appropriate or of interest to the Board and/or PTLC.


A.           A Nominating Committee, comprised of Members in Good Standing, at least one of which is a current member of the Board shall be established by the Members prior to the Membership Meeting in May. The Nominating Committee shall not be comprised solely of members of the Board.  This committee shall make nominations for each of the offices of PTLC and shall present these nominations to the Members at a Membership Meeting in May. In addition to the nominations made by the Nominating Committee, additional nominations for any or all of the offices may be made from the floor at the May Membership Meeting; however, all nominations will be closed at the end of such meeting. In the event that the nominations do not occur at a PTLC Membership meeting in May, then nominations will be made at the next PTLC Membership meeting. Only an Officer presently serving on the Board is eligible to be nominated for President. Only Voting Members who have been Members in Good Standing for the current fiscal year shall be eligible to be nominated an Officer in PTLC. In the case of no returning Officers, the criteria for nomination of the President would be that only Voting Members who have been Members in Good Standing for the current fiscal year would be eligible to be nominated for President.

B.           A nominated individual must signify his/her consent if elected for office, either verbally if in attendance at the meeting or by providing a signed written acceptance of nomination if not in attendance at the meeting. The signed written acceptance must be received by Secretary or President prior to or at nomination.

C.           The officers of PTLC shall be elected at the next following Membership meeting after nomination. The offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors At-Large shall be elected by a majority vote of present ) Voting Members. Elected officers will assume their duties effective immediately.

D.           Any vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the remainder of the term by any Member in Good Standing selected by the majority vote of the members of the Board.


A.           PTLC regular membership meetings shall be held at Peters Township High School (excluding the annual banquet) at least five (5) times in each fiscal year with the time to be determined by the Board from time to time. The anticipated monthly meeting schedule consists of the months of September, November, February, April, May and June.

B.           Additional general membership meetings may be called by the President with five (5) days notice.


C.           Membership meetings must be advertised at least five (5) days in advance of any meeting, which notice will include (without limitation), the date, time and location of the meeting.  Such notices may be provided by electronic mail to the e-mail address provided by a Member (an “E-mail Notice”), or may be provided by other written or verbal means directly to a Member.

D.           Any matters requiring a vote of the Members (other than an amendment to the Bylaws) shall be decided by a majority vote of a quorum of Voting Members in attendance at the subject meeting.

E.            A quorum of Voting Members shall consist of 20% of PTLC's Voting Members (i.e., Members in Good Standing) at the Membership meeting.

F.            No voting by proxy will be allowed.


A.           The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of PTLC: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and all Directors At-Large.

B.           The Board shall, in addition to its other duties and activities set forth in these Bylaws:

1.            Govern the Club and shall have the full power to direct the affairs of the Club between Membership meetings,

2.            Transact the business affairs as may be referred by PTLC,

3.            Recommend and create committees,

4.            Create, review and approve the tentative annual budget, and revisions such budget, to be presented to and for approval by the PTLC membership,

5.            Report at the Membership meetings,

6.            Select an auditing committee of three (3) to five (5) Members in Good Standing or contract with an independent certified public accounting firm to review or audit the financial affairs of PTLC at such times selected by the Board; without limiting the foregoing, an audit or review will be required in the event that fiscal irresponsibility is alleged to exist with substantial evidence of alleged wrongdoing,

C.           Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or upon the request of a majority of the officers of the Board.

D.           A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

E.            The Board shall meet as soon as possible after having been duly elected for the purpose of formulating tentative plans and objectives and establishing committees.

F.            Notices of all Board meetings will be given to each Board member at least three (3) days in advance of the meeting. Such notices may be provided by electronic mail to the e-mail address provided by each Board member, or may be provided by other written or verbal means directly to a Board member.


A.           The Board may create such committees, as it may deem necessary to promote the objectives of PTLC. Current committees are identified on Schedule A attached hereto, which Schedule A may be amended from time to time by the Board. Committees will have those duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board from time to time, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, rules and regulations.

B.           Each committee should submit some type of plan of work to the Board. No committee work should be undertaken without the approval of the Board.




A.           Reserved.

B.           All Players are expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations as established by the most recent edition of the Peters Township Student- Parent Handbook. Disciplinary problems that arise during the year shall be addressed in accordance with the procedures established by PTHS.

C.           Player selection to a team and participation will be determined solely by the Head Coach and his coaching staff on an ongoing basis throughout the subject year.


A.           The Head Coach of the PT Boys Lacrosse Teams ("Head Coach") will act in an advisory capacity to PTLC and its Board and will make only reasonable and prudent requests (funding or otherwise) to PTLC necessary for the welfare of PTHS Boys Lacrosse and PTLC.

B.           The Head Coach or designee will be present at all PTLC Membership meetings. However, a representative of PTHS Athletics Department may serve the function of the Head Coach if the Head Coach is not available or if there is no Head Coach at that time.

C.           The Head Coach is not considered an officer of PTLC or a member of its Board of Directors.


A.           PTLC shall purchase a general liability insurance policy providing coverage for participant legal liability, bodily injury and property damage, products and completed operations, personal and advertising injury, fire, legal liability and medical payments. Limits of liability on a per occurrence basis will be established at a minimum of $1,000,000. PTLC shall name the Peters Township School District as an "Additional Insured".

B.           At the sole discretion of the Board: an additional policy for Directors and Officers may be purchased to provide protection from lawsuits; and bonds may be purchased for officers handling financial responsibilities.




These Bylaws may be amended at any Membership meeting of the Club by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Voting Members (i.e., Members in Good Standing) present, provided that: (i) the proposed changes to the Bylaws were presented to the Membership at the monthly Membership meeting prior to the Membership meeting for the vote; (ii) written notice of the proposed amendment(s) shall have been provided to each Voting Member (which may be by E-mail Notice) at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting at which action is being taken; and (iii) the proposed amendments do not conflict with any Interscholastic Rules.




In case of the dissolution of this Club, all assets remaining after payment of all authorized expenditures and liability shall be distributed to the Peters Township High School Athletics Department.

This Amended and Restated Bylaws is approved by Club Membership this date and supersedes all previous Constitution and Bylaws inclusive of all amendments to said previous Constitution and Bylaws.

Dated:   May __, 2014




1.            Publicity - shall prepare items of general interest for publication, arrange for local media coverage-surrounding article(s) of team interest, relay game scores to the school and local newspapers for announcement in promotion of the program.

2.            Awards Banquet - Committee shall contact all adult membership and student/athletes, School District personnel, School Board personnel or other appropriate invitees for the purpose of reservation confirmation. Committee shall contact selected or contracted facility for the purpose of food and beverage selection, determine appropriate decor or theme inclusive of table arrangements, determine layout and seating. Committee shall construct and provide a Banquet program book outlining agenda, team roster, season scores and record along with other appropriate acknowledgments.

3.            Senior Recognition - Committee shall select the game and time, activities and acknowledgments in recognizing Lacrosse Senior student/athletes and parents.

4.            Membership - Committee shall be responsible for the creation of, distribution and collection of all PTLC, league(s) and School District required forms for participation inclusive of physical examination requirements.

5.            Fund Raising - Plan and implement all fund raising projects to achieve the budget objective outlined by the Board.

6.            Concession Stand - Organize, staff and supply concessions for all regular season home games and post-season games.

7.            Transportation & Directions - As necessary, coordinate and order appropriate team transportation for all activities requiring said transportation. Additionally, provide copy and distribution of directions to all away play sites prior to games.

8.            Game Day - responsible for the implementation and set up of all field preparation surrounding all home games including but not limited to adequate player water supply, cone or pylon setup, goal setup, etc.

9.            Photography - contract individual(s) or studio for the purpose of providing individual and/or group pictures to players and parents..